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Real Estate Consultant

As a Real Estate Consultant our job is to provide expert advice and recommendations to our clients who are looking to purchase or sell residential property. Real Estate Consultants typically do not sell or list homes.

What Does a Real Estate Consultant Do?

The first step is to have an initial meeting with the client to get to know them better and to discuss their primary objectives. Secondly, we would like to get to know our clients on a higher level so that we can pair them with the right Real Estate Agent. Finally, we will formulate a plan to achieve the client’s objectives in the most efficient way.
Think of us as “behind the scenes” experts. After our initial meeting, we will perform extensive research to find the perfect Real Estate Agent for you to work with. Our goal is to find an agent who best fits your personality and one that works hard to help you reach your primary objectives. Our focus is on you and not the transaction. Once we refer you to the Real Estate Agent, they will manage the transaction.

How are we Paid?

In exchange for the referral, we receive payment from the Real Estate Agent, we referred you to. There is no extra cost to you as our client.

Note: Integrity and ethics are our bottom-line. Unfortunately, if you have contacted a Real Estate Agent about selling or purchasing a home previously, we may not be able to provide our services to you. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

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